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Pearce, M., & Rohrmeier, M. (2012). Music Cognition and the Cognitive Sciences. Topics in Cognitive Science, 4(4), 468-484. doi:10.1111/j.1756-8765.2012.01226.x
Krumhansl, C. L., & Zupnick, J. A. (2013). Cascading Reminiscence Bumps in Popular Music. Psychological Science, X(X), 1-12.
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de l'Etoile, Shannon
(University of Miami)
Russo, Frank
(Ryerson University)
Lipscomb, Scott
(University of Minnesota)
Pearce, Marcus
(Queen Mary, University of London)
Trainor, Laurel
(McMaster University)
Schutz, Michael
(McMaster University)
Kraus, Nina
(Northwestern University)
Bergeson, Tonya
(Indiana University)

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